Ingrown Toe Nail

Oooooouch My Big Toe Hurts !!!!

It has been a cold winter this year and some parts of Queensland even had snow! Most people have been wearing closed in shoes more often to keep their feet warm. However, for some people the pressure from the shoes has made their ingrown toenails worse.

Here are few tips to prevent ingrown toenails:

  • Avoid pointy or narrow shoes
  • Ensure correct nail cutting technique
  • Cut nails straight across and avoid digging into the cornersslide3
  • Gently file the corners after you have cut them
  • Never pick your nails
  • Make sure you see a podiatrist if you are having problems

If you notice the pain is increasing and your toe appears to be swollen and red you should see a podiatrist. Do not try to cut deep into your nails at home, because most of the time you would only make it worse. For example, if you don’t remove the ingrown part completely you could leave a sharp piece of nail inside and this can trigger an infection and a lot of pain.

An experienced podiatrist is able to remove the ingrown part of the nail and clean out any pieces that are left behind. Most of the time the inflammation/infection will settle within few days, so if you are suffering from an ingrown toe nail, call us today and we can solve your problem.