Nail Wedge Resection – Permanent Solution to Ingrown Toenails 

We have touched the topic of how to prevent ingrown toenails a few days ago, however, there are still numerous people suffering from chronic or recurring ingrown toenails. Many patients complain they have been wearing wide fitting shoes and improved their nail cutting techniques but they still cannot get rid of the ingrown toenail. Here are few factors that contribute to chronic ingrown toenail:

  • Shape of the nail (curved or ‘U’ shaped that grows into the skin)
  • Previous trauma (deformed nail shape/ thickening of nail)
  • Repetitive impact (wearing steelcap shoes/ football player, ballet dancer etc)
  • Pronated foot type (foot tends to roll in and increase pressure on big toe)
  • Chronic fungal nail (deformed and thickening of nail)

At start podiatrists will provide conservative treatment and care to improve the ingrown toenail, unfortunately, if the problem becomes chronic, we often recommend patients to undergo a minor nail surgery to fix the ingrown toenail permanently.

It is a short and simple procedure involving local anaesthetics to the big toe, removing the ingrown nail, then apply a chemical (phenol) to the base of the nail to stop that part of nail from growing back. Finally dress with antiseptic dressing. This simple procedure is a permanent solution to get rid of ingrown toenails. If you think you would benefit from having this surgery done, please call us today and make an appointment.

Before            IMG_9386                          

After               IMG_9391


Nail wedge resection is also available through registered health funds depending on your level of cover.